I run a physio and personal training company (ALLSET), and we’re also bootstrapping an app for fellow physios and trainers (ALLWIN).

In March, my team started a YouTube channel to market our products and services.

Little did we know, it would end up contributing so much to the business, we…

How can you get maximum points for your IPPT with minimum training?

Before starting my own personal training business, I served as a commando officer for ten years. Even so, I’ve not come across a time-efficient, science-based IPPT guide.

So with the help of my team, here’s the first part…

Dr Derek Li has over 100 pairs of running shoes and regularly contributes shoe reviews to roadtrailrun.com.

I asked him for tips on how to choose a pair and he broked the answers into two parts:

  1. How to choose a pair
  2. How to determine your fit

How to Choose a Pair of Running Shoes

To summarise, there…

What does science say about mindful eating for weight loss? What are some practical tips?

Defining Mindful Eating

To start off, we’ll define mindfulness, which can be described as “attention to present-moment experiences and a stance of acceptance or openness towards these experiences.”

Similarly, mindful eating follows the principles of:

  1. being aware of…

What does the latest research say about running cadence, foot strike pattern, and pronation? Today I’ll be answering these questions.

Foot Strike Pattern

There are three types of foot strike patterns:

  1. Rearfoot strike
  2. 2. Midfoot strike
  3. 3. Forefoot strike.

You can identify your strike pattern by videoing how you run from the…

ALLSET Trainer Cheval Lim doing hill reps at Core Collective Dempsey.

Here are three mistakes runners make when it comes to running gait.

Mistake 1: Neglecting Upper Body Work

When you run, your hips rotate and your torso counter rotates. Your arm helps with this rotation and counter-rotation. You need upper body strength for these actions, and having upper body mobility will also help.

Mistake 2: Not Working on Running Gait Frequently Enough

Three factors determine…

If you’re from Singapore’s endurance sports community, you might have heard of my first startup, Second Wind Nation.

My team offered multisport media, coaching, and events services since 2015.

When the pandemic struck, we were badly hit.

Ultimately, for financial reasons, our three-man core team disbanded in the middle of…

JingZhi Chua

Founder & CEO, ALLWIN Services. Values compassion, self-improvement, and community.

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